A brand new Italian Restaurant in Limassol has just opened its doors in Old Port, located on the ground floor of a large historical space with practically unaltered scenery. 

Tartufo’ is the name of our new restaurant, which is amongst the most beautiful Limassol restaurants by the sea!

We have been in love with Italy for many years and now with all of our enthusiasm, we bring you this tasty Italian culture to Cyprus. With an impressive wine list, great guests, and a stunning atmosphere to the sounds of calming music, people come here to enjoy life fully.

The restaurant is ideal for family dinners, big friend groups, romantic evenings, and everyone who, like us, loves Italy!

Excited To Try Authentic Italian Cuisine?

Among the top restaurants in Limassol, Tartufo is a gourmet excursion, with views of the shore and the bustling metropolis!

Here, we gathered all of our experiences and chose just the finest to make our visitors’ gourmet and cultural experiences unforgettable.

Our new Italian Restaurant in Limassol serves Mediterranean food with an Amalfi Coast touch and a truffle accent. 

It’s the flavor of childhood we all love, with a modern twist and great devotion and respect for ingredients. From fresh pasta to pizza, salads, antipasti, meats, and fresh fish, to enchanting desserts. Our authentic Italian cuisine will seduce you with classic and signature creations.

Our goal at Tartufo is to invite our visitors to stay with us longer. We achieve that by making your impressions more powerful, our service much higher, and your food experience more satisfying.

Who Is Tartufo’s Chef?

Salvatore Leo, our chef, was born in the little town of Salerno, near Naples. Being a sixth-generation chef, he spent a lot of time in the kitchen since childhood, helping his mother, who was also a cook. 

For Salvatore Leo, the art of cooking is in his blood and he is fully in love with what he does!

He strongly believes that there’s something connecting food and taste. His goal? To grow this bond through Tartufo’s gastronomic experience of Italian cuisine.

Our experienced chef has a passion for Italian cuisine which you can taste for yourself as soon as you visit Tartufo in beautiful Limassol. Salvatore Leo cooks authentic Italian food and Tartufo, is one of the very few original Italian restaurants in Limassol.

Our guests are blown away by our chef’s creations. They love classic flavors, yet are not afraid to explore. They always bring their families for lunch, and in the evening they enjoy a gorgeous meal with friends, staying out late, and experiencing Italian culture through our food!

Tartufo, The Meeting Of Food And Flavor

The luxury restaurants in Cyprus are many, but Tartufo has that little something that makes it special. Is it the truffle accent? Is it the chef?

Our philosophy is that everything plays an important role. From the ingredients, we use in our food to the atmosphere of our new Italian restaurant. 

If you love exploring and tasting everything new coming to town, this is your chance to find your peace. If you – like us – love Italian food, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed with our flavors, that’s a promise.

Are you still brainstorming where to eat out this weekend? Then, this is your official invitation to gather your friends and visit Tartufo at the Old Port for a great dinner experience!.

At Tartufo, you will experience the authentic Italian elegance of fine dining.

Visit Tartufo’s profile on Instagram, keep up to date with our news, take a look at our incredible dishes, and fly away on a delicious Italian journey with us. 

Are you ready to taste this Italian gastronomic food experience?