When we talk about Italy, the first thing that always comes to mind is none other than the food. 

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and undoubtedly one of the most delicious gastronomic masterpieces around the world. 

Due to the rich flavors and the use of the freshest ingredients, every dish has a distinctive and utterly unique taste. From pasta dishes to wood-fired pizzas, Italian food has something for everyone. 

However, it is no secret that Italian culture and cuisine go beyond just the food we eat. It encompasses a way of life that is dipped in tradition and family.

Italian Culture – A Story About Family

Italian culture is all about enjoying life and taking the time to savor the simple pleasures. Yet, family is at the center of it. 

The family bond is of the utmost importance in Italian culture and this is reflected in the way they dine.

Meals are often long, leisurely affairs that involve multiple mouthwatering courses. Of course, as hospitable people, Italians are all about sharing the love with not just family but friends, and guests as well. Dishes are often prepared to be shared and enjoyed with a delicious bottle of vino!

Food is a means for establishing and maintaining ties among family and friends. No one who enters an authentic Italian restaurant or home fails to receive an offering of an appetizing meal. 

Likewise, when visiting our very own Italian restaurant, Tartufo, you step right into the exact same hospitality and tradition.

Italian Cuisine – A Story About Heritage

Delicious Italian dishes at Tartufo restaurant in Limassol

When we talk about food, there’s a little known fact about Italian cuisine that is both interesting and exciting to learn!

Italian cuisine is regional. This means that the dishes heavily depend on where you are geographically. Each region of Italy has its own unique dishes and specialties.

For example, Northern Italy is known for its risotto and polenta dishes. While Southern Italy – which is also the base of the Tartufo menu – is known for its seafood and pasta dishes.

Although geographical characteristics play a significant role in the Italian gastronomy scene, fresh and flavorful ingredients are the key to our tasty dishes regardless of the region. 

From pasta made with freshly milled wheat to mozzarella made from water buffalo milk, Italian chefs – and more specifically our Chef Salvatore Leo – take great care in sourcing and preparing the finest ingredients for our Italian restaurant. 

This is also reflected in the use of seasonal ingredients, which are used to create dishes that are both delicious and representative of the time of year.

Tartufo – A Story About Giving

Chef Salvatore Leo taking care of his visitors with a delicious offering.

At Tartufo, we have been in love with Italy for many years now. Recently, our Italian restaurant has opened its doors to you, creating a safe space for you to enjoy the most loved cuisine in the world. 

All this passion and awe towards this artful and elegant country, that is Italy, has motivated us to bring to all of you here in Cyprus an authentic Italian experience. 

The restaurant’s location was not chosen by accident. Our building in Piazza Sintagmatos at the Old Port Limassol is right in the heart of our beautiful city and evidently the only Italian restaurant at Old Port!

The building is an architectural monument of 1950 under the protection of the British Parliament. A place with history, where the architectural, Italian culture, and gastronomic heritages merge into one unique experience. 

We are welcoming you to our Italian restaurant just like true Italians host you in their homes. With a smile, love, and simply delicious food! 

The Chef – A Story About Love 

Chef Salvatore Leo preparing a delicious desert at Tartufo Limassol.

Our chef began his culinary journey at a young age, learning the traditional techniques of Italian cooking from his family.

Being a sixth-generation chef, this craft is in his blood. He is madly in love with what he does, which is fully reflected in his work. Everything is absolutely delicious and made with great love. 

Our Chef, Salvatore Leo is an accomplished Italian chef, who has been making a name for himself in the culinary world for years. He has gained recognition for his exceptional skills and knowledge of traditional Italian cuisine and his ability to bring a modern twist to classic dishes.

Today, you can find him at Tartufo doing what he loves best.

Cooking for you!

Explore Italy At Tartufo

When you are wondering where to eat in Limassol, know that when you visit Tartufo means stepping into the Little Italy of Cyprus. 

Inspired by the Italian culture, we greet you with a warm welcome and a big smile and take care of your experience with mindfulness. If you are one of our regulars, you will notice that we address you by name. We smile, we are cheerful, and we radiate light because we are Italians in spirit.

Tartufo brings southern Italian cuisine to Cyprus as a celebration of traditional Italian flavors and locally sourced ingredients. With must-try pizzas, forever favorite pastas, mouthwatering risottos, and right-out-of-the-ocean seafood rest assured that at Tartufo, you will taste flavors like never before. 

Chef Salvatore proposes dishes that have a deep understanding of combinations, techniques, and flavors behind them, thus creating a special gastronomic experience. 

So, as true Italians – from a past life – know that the doors of our restaurant are eternally open to you and your family to meet ours!

Start your Italian journey at Tartufo.